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Inmigración Legal USA

About Us

Inmigración Legal USA helps individuals and families to properly prepare their applications for submission to the U.S. Diversity Visa Lottery (sometimes referred to as the Green Card Lottery).
We also offer guidance during the consular process to Inmigración Legal USA customers who have been selected as DV-Lottery winners.

You can apply for the Diversity Visa Lottery by yourself for free on the U.S. government’s website; however, Inmigración Legal USA offers beneficial services to help make the process easier for you to complete correctly. Please note that Inmigración Legal USA is private entity and not a government agency or law firm.

DV-Lottery Preparation and Submission

Our support team will give you all of the information and assistance necessary to make sure that your application and photos meet the Diversity Immigration Visa Program requirements prior to submission.

Inmigración Legal USA has created an online application form where you can easily enter the information required for your Diversity Visa Lottery Application.

If you have questions or need assistance with your online application, you can contact our Customer Service Department, which has well-trained representatives ready to help you in English, Spanish, French and other languages.

It is also easy for you to upload to your online application the digital color photo(s) required for each person who will be in your Diversity Visa Lottery Application.

Our Photo Department will check your photos to make sure they meet the Diversity Visa Lottery requirements.

In the event that a photo does not meet the standards for the Diversity Visa Lottery, the Inmigración Legal USA Photo Department will inform you and ask you to provide a new photo.

After your online application is complete and your photo(s) have been checked and approved by our Photo Department, Inmigración Legal USA will submit your application to the DV-Lottery on your behalf during the registration period which usually occurs in October.

It usually takes more than one submission to the Diversity Visa Lottery for a person to be randomly selected by computer as a winner; therefore, Inmigración Legal USA offers a multi-year submission service for your convenience.

SPECIAL NOTE – It is important for you to keep the information and photos in your application up-to-date to avoid being disqualified during the consular process if you are selected as a DV-Lottery winner. For example, the photos must have been taken during the six months prior to submission to the Diversity Visa Lottery; if you have a baby, you must update your application with the child’s details and photo; if your marital status changes, you must update the new status on your application; etc.).

Beneficial Supplementary Services

If you are selected as a winner of the DV-Lottery, Inmigración Legal USA will contact you in May or June so you can take the next step in the U.S. immigration procedure and you will be given the option to receive a range of supplementary services to help your U.S. immigration process go smoothly.

These supplementary services may include (depending on your needs and preferences):

  • guidance from our legal team to prepare and submit your DS-260 and other documents to the U.S. State Department’s Kentucky Consular Center (KCC) and to prepare you for the consular process;
  • interactive software to learn or improve your English (or other) language skills;
  • one-way airline tickets to the United States at a reduced price after your receive your Diversity Visa;
  • temporary housing that is affordable after you immigrate to the USA;
  • guidance to prepare your CV and online LinkedIn profile for the U.S. job market;
  • an online Career Portal to facilitate seeking U.S. employment;
  • online distance learning programs to study for a certificate or university degree, which could help to improve your opportunities for employment in the United States; etc.


Please note that Inmigración Legal USA is a private entity that is owned and operated by GLOBAL EU AND NORTH AMERICA CONSULTANTS S.L.U., mailing address Paseo de la Castellana 93,2º 28046 Madrid, Spain, and is not part of the U.S. government or a law firm.

Therefore, the information found on the Inmigración Legal USA website is not and shall not be considered as legal or professional advice.

You can apply for the DV-Lottery by yourself for free on the U.S. government’s website; however, our beneficial services that we offer can help to make the process easier for you to complete correctly.