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Live and Work in America

Diversity Visa for U.S. Immigration

The easiest way for you and your family to legally live, study and work in the United States long-term as permanent residents is through the U.S. Diversity Immigrant Visa (DV) Program. In order to participate in the DV-Lottery, you must be born in a country that is eligible to participate and you must have completed at least 12 years of primary and secondary education, as demonstrated by possessing a high school diploma or higher education degree. Registration for the DV-Lottery usually occurs in October and the winners who are selected to continue the U.S. immigration process are normally notified in May. Approximately 100,000 winners are randomly selected each year to apply for the 55,000 Diversity Immigrant Visas and Green Cards that are made available annually.

The Diversity Visa Program is the easiest way to receive a U.S. Permanent Resident Green Card.

Inmigración Legal USA

How We Can Help You

Inmigración Legal USA helps individuals and families to properly prepare their applications for submission to the U.S. Diversity Visa Lottery. We also offer guidance during the consular process to Inmigración Legal USA customers who have been selected as DV-Lottery winners. Our support team will give you all of the information and assistance necessary to make sure that your application and photos meet the Diversity Immigration Visa Program requirements. Inmigración Legal USA will submit your application to the DV-Lottery on your behalf during the registration period and contact you if you are selected as a winner so you can take the next step in the U.S. immigration procedure. Our customers who are selected as winners of the DV-Lottery have the option to receive a range of supplementary services to help their U.S. immigration process go smoothly. Customer service is also available in English, Spanish, French and other languages. Please note that Inmigración Legal USA is a private entity and is not part of the U.S. government or a law firm. You can apply for the DV-Lottery for free on the U.S. government’s website; however, our beneficial services make the process easier for you to complete correctly.

America Is the Land of Opportunity

U.S. Permanent Resident Benefits

There are many benefits available to immigrants who have a U.S. Permanent Resident Green Card such as:

  • Living in the United States on a permanent basis
  • Legally working in the USA and/or starting a business
  • Having the opportunity to receive a quality education
  • Traveling to and from the United States
  • Experiencing equality and freedom
  • Sponsoring relatives for a visa to the USA
  • Gaining access to a large variety of goods and services
  • Applying to become an American citizen after 5 years

Immigration to the United States

Where Do You Dream of
Living in the USA?

When you immigrate to the United States as a permanent resident, you have many options for where to live and work in the U.S. including:

Inmigración Legal USA makes it easy for you to apply for the U.S. Diversity Visa Lottery!